Thursday, March 14, 2019

3/14/19 Cellini Bezels

This week I decided to bezel with diagonal Cellini peyote. I ended up finishing three separate cabs that are all different!

Using the same Diagonal Peyote stitch that I used for last week's earrings I stitched a small 12mm Swarovski Rivoli, a 25mm Chinese "crystal rivoli", and a larger oval glass cab that I had made with Pebeo paints. I used the strip like I was making a Bolas Bead and connected them as bezels. I will be using this technique again!


The rivoli's turned out really nice, the large one I actually put a bail on the back of and plan to sport it as a pendant.

The oval cab turned out nice too, but I wish it took a good picture! I had a hard time with the glare and this cab :(

Next week I plan on making a Cellini donut where the beads graduate from the inside out. I have done this before but what I have in mind is larger than the pieces I have made in the past.


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