Thursday, August 9, 2018

8/9/18 Creative Connections bracelet

 This week I made a beautiful single row bracelet from the pattern"Creative Connections" by Antonio Calles in Bead & Button Feb. 2010. 

I did like stitching this bracelet, I made a little game out of trying to make each section different from the others. I used seven different Toho Perma finish beads that I had and alternated the color pattern for each of the 17 sections. I think it turned out very pretty :)

Next week I am going to tackle something from a 2011 magazine. I am going to use the project "Frame it" by Sue Sloan from Bead & Button June 2011. It is a clever peyote stitched frame that can be used to showcase a focal bead. I haven't decided which beads I am going to use yet, but I have a few options in my stash and a few thoughts in my head :) If I get the time or motivation I might make more than one! 


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