Thursday, April 5, 2018

4/5/18 CGB Exploration week #5

Remember last week when I added another week for exploring CGB?! This week I am doing the exact same thing. I will be continuing through next week since I am not done yet. 

This week I did explode a Rick Rack off of my pod. It was my first bead explosion and worked out better than I expected.

Since this year is about finishing things and doing something with my UFO's, I did finish the cast off into a shiny single layer bracelet.


The reason I am continuing for one more week is my theory that Cath Thomas' Rick Rack sizing guide in the CGB free pattern library can be used to determine the size of a cast off piece from a pod. I have made a 9 point pod and am in the process of making a cast off with the same finish beads as my Rick rack from a couple of weeks ago. The theory is that if the bead count one one side of the pod is the same as one side provided in the sizing guide, the bracelets should be the same size, allowing the guide to be used for pod estimation as well as MRaw starts. I can use my MRaw start finished piece, make a similar cast off piece and compare :) Wish me luck- see you next week on my actual last week of CGB exploring.

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