Thursday, April 12, 2018

4/12/18 CGB Exploration week #6

This was my final week of CGB exploring. I could do so much more.  I could spend a whole year creating things based on what I have recently learned about Geometric Beading. This week I made another exploded from a pod Rick Rack bracelet and tested my theory about sizing.


When I made my first Mraw RickRack I used Cath Thomas' Rick Rack Sizing Guide in the CGB free pattern library to plan my sizing. I estimate that I was an average size wrist and used the 9 peak (pg. 8 of her pdf), 19.8cm size and I was lucky it fit! My theory was that a pod with the same side count puts out a same size rick rack as the guide! It was true, I am not sure why I doubted it before I tried it, but I did, and now I have the proof it works! It makes pod sizing easy if you have made a Rick Rack in the past using the guide, the pod will make the same. For example if you know a 20cm band fits, the Rick Rack guide has the sizing  for many variations of peaks with the sizing and bead count waiting to be used!

I used the same finish of beads as my first bracelet and I am also happy with the way my cast turned out after I finished it.


Next week I am going to do something different and finish a bead embroidery cuff that I started two years ago after I got back from my HS reunion. It has literally been on this board in a drawer for long enough for me to have forgotten about it!


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Thanks for Reading & Happy Beading! -Beth

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