Thursday, March 22, 2018

3/22/18 CGB Exploration week #3

This week I finished the Twisted & Warped square that I had started last week. I decided to stop when I reached 37 total rows because it started to become a little floppy. 



This one took a little longer than I thought it would to finish but turned out really good and pretty big :) 

Since I didn't make anything else this week, and there is only one more Thursday in March, I am going to show a couple of things that I have made in the past that are in my personal collection that were inspired by the techniques of CGB.  


Both of these bracelets were inspired by Jean Power's All Angles Necklace which was in the June/July 2012 issue of Beadwork Magazine. They are fun to stitch and turn out looking great. I would love to make another one of these, and will make it a project for another week ;)


I also made the above bracelet about a year ago inspired by the ideas of Kim Van Antwerp's Pierced Arrow Bracelet and the CGB team. It is made from Luminous Delicas which are glowing under blacklight in the second picture. :)


Finally, I have made a couple of Kaleidocycles. The first one (above) took a long time to make and is not in the best condition since I have played with it a bit too much! 
My second one (below) is currently in the possesion of Kate McKinnon and the CGB team. It it tiny and made from Lumionous Delicas so it glows in blacklight! I would wear it like a pendant and play with it when I had to wait somewhere. 


The CGB team has recently released their Basic Kaleidocycle Pattern ahead of the newest book :) Next week I am going to make another Kaleidocycle small enough to wear as a pendant.

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