Thursday, March 15, 2018

3/15/18 CGB Exploration week #2

This week was great! I continued my exploration of the free resources provided by the Contemporary Geometric Beadwork team and the CGB Free Pattern Library! I finished my first Layered Rick Rack Bangle started with an MRAW band.

I would have kept going but it is a tight fit. I can still get on and off with a little work and I really want to be able to wear it so I stopped! I used the Rick Rack graph pdf by Cath Thomas to determine the size of my starting Mraw band. This was a lifesaver and eliminated all my worry about how big to make it. Thanks to her for this info! My band has 9 peaks (pg. 8 of the pdf) and is great. When I do it again I will choose one that has a bigger finished diameter so I can go crazy with the rows and layers! The colors I used are DB 251, DB 325 and my favorite purple-DB 2140.

This week I also explored warped squares and ended up making two tiny stars. I wanted to see how small I could go. These stars have only three rows for each warped square plus a shared zip row. They are so cute- and literally the size of a dime!

I also took a large rainbow approach to warped squares and created what I have been calling a "twisted warped square" I wanted to continue exploring wings and decided to add them to row 13 of a rainbow warped square, and now I am in awe of my little twisted thing! From the side it looks like a triangle, but on it's side it is clearly a square- or it clearly has four sides :) I started to reduce the wings on this piece in a beginning trial of horns. I have no idea what to do with it except show it off and play with it. I might add a jumpring and call it a pendant!

I started a second one of these that I will be finishing for next week. It is similar to the first one except it is and will be larger, with two rows of each bead color instead of one, and wings that don't reduce. I am not sure how big I am going to make it, but big is the plan!

Along with finishing my large twisty warped thing, next week I am going to try to exploding something and start some triangles for another Kaleidocycle. FYI- info about Kaleidocycles has recently been added to the CGB Free Pattern Library 

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Thanks for Reading & Happy Beading! -Beth


  1. I love your 'twisty thing' and think I need to make one. Just finished a kaleidocycle and trying another to perfect the joins.

    1. Thanks Kathy. It is a fun thing to make :)