Thursday, February 15, 2018

2/15/18 Pearls knotted!


I had a big bag of loose colorful pearls and several cards of cord, so this week decided to tackle them by knotting them into some continuous necklaces. I accomplished my goal and made four necklaces all of which are long enough to go over my head- making them easy to wear with no clasp to fiddle with! I use #6 Griffin carded Nylon cord to string my pearls. Most pearls are traditionally strung on silk, but I find the Nylon to be sturdy and it comes in a variety of beautiful colors.

I purposely took a "random" approach to stringing the pearls, using more than one color of pearl in each necklace, making them all truly unique pieces of jewelry. I will be listing these necklaces along with a bunch of other things in my Etsy shop soon - If you have to have one as your own now- send me a message and we will make plans :)


I didn't take pictures as I knotted this week. I didn't think to do it. After a quick Google, I realize that there are more ways to knot a necklace than I thought. 
Artbeads has a picture tutorial and Beadaholique has a video on how to knot pearls similar to the way I do it. (I have done it so many times I don't have to use tweezers anymore :)

Next week I am going to revisit an oldie. These little ornaments which I made way back in 2006 need a revisiting! It is 2018 now and I have so many more color choices (yes- one of the new ones will most likely be a Luminous rainbow)!!!


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Thanks for Reading & Happy Beading! -Beth

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  1. You are a very motivated woman! I wish I had your ambition to get projects done. The pearl necklaces are beautiful! I especially like the green one. The ornaments are very unique. I,too, could see them made with some of the new bright colors! Please send me some of your motivation! :)