Thursday, February 1, 2018

2/1/18 Vezsuzsi's Bracelet

This week's bracelet is based on beaded bead #14 that I covered in my blog post from July 2016. As I covered in that blog post I got the original pattern for a beaded bead from a wonderful blog by Vezsuzsi. The pattern for the starter bead can be found hereI took one of those beads and built the next one on top of it. It is something that I made a bracelet out of then started a new piece and never finished... Here are the finished bracelets I made this week. The purple one was the UFO that I finished. I also made the alternating one of out of some of the Picasso finished beads. I really like them both.

Did I mention that the purple one glows in the dark?!

Here are all three of the bracelets I have made using this idea. 
The first one pictured is the original one I made, the individual beads are a bit squishy and loose because tension is key in making this and I didn't do a great job the first time. All of these bracelets are currently in my personal collection of jewelry, but one of these days one of these (or one like them) will be sure to end up for sale in my Etsy shop.

To make a bracelet from these beaded beads I simply start the next bead from the end of the previous bead. Each new bead shares a bead with the previous and next!
The tutorial on how to make this beaded bead is found here. Big thanks to Vezsuzsi  who deserves all the credit for this bracelet- without her wonderful free instructions, this bracelet would never exist! FYI- She has an Etsy shop that has over 50 different beaded bead tutorialsYou can also find her on Facebook! Check her out- give her some beady love!

Next week (which for bead honesty I will share I have already started on) I am going to use some of my stash and make one of my personal favorite pieces of jewelry. My Craw "wrap" bracelet using Unicorne glass teardrop beads. I currently have three of these bracelets that I wear all the time. Every time I make one I want to keep it and love it more than the last. My goal for next week is to make as many of these bracelets as I can. It is going to be my only beading project(s). I do have other things to do this week, so I expect to make 4 of them. We will see! Check out next week for more! Now for the tease picture :) 


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  1. I love all your bracelets! Do you have a tutorial for your CRAW wrap bracelet. I have a bunch of the Unicorne teardrop beads because I love them but I'm not always sure how to use them. I would be interested in purchasing the tutorial. Mary.

    1. Thanks Mary! Check out next weeks blog for the how to on my CRAW wraps :)