Thursday, February 2, 2017

2017 Thursday Bead Post #5: Peyote with multiple sizes of beads

#5 Peyote stitch with multiple sizes of beads

This week I am going to cover what wonderfulness happens when you use Peyote stitch with different sizes of beads! Sometimes this kind of peyote will be referred to as a "flat Cellini" stitch. I will be calling it Peyote with multiple sizes of beads...

One of the best examples of this wonderful use of Peyote is Jimmie Boatright's "Surfin the Waves" necklace. It was first featured in Bead & Button Magazine June 2014 but now Facet Jewlery online has the free pdf of Jimmie Boatright's Surfin-the-waves pattern! Learn more about Jimmie and her work by visiting her website :)

This is my bright colored version of her Surfin pattern! It did take a considerable amount of time to make, I have only worn it once since I made it, but it is still one of my favorite peyote pieces.

I have also made bracelets like this for years: here are three from my personal collection of jewelry. The red and blue/purple ones are about 9 years old. The silver one is only 2 years old.

I was going to make another bracelet, or a sample piece for this blog post, but life got in my way this time. This every week blog is definitely a personal challenge! I will be making something for next week- I am going to start it right now!!! Wish me luck!

By Googling the images of "Peyote with multiple sized beads" there are some fantastic inspiration pictures! FYI :)

I am not affiliated with, paid by, or endorsed by anyone. By posting about beading and/or beading products I am not claiming to be an expert, nor am I suggesting the way that I do anything or the products I use are the best/correct/only way. All opinions expressed here are mine, and aren't meant to be taken as anything more than an opinion or suggestion from some stranger on the internet 😀

Coming weeks: 

February 9th: Ladder stitch & some herringbone.

February 16th: Brick stitch

February 23rd: Peyote triangles

Thanks for reading & Happy Beading! -Beth

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