Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 Project: Beaded bead #24

Happy first of December! This beaded bead is one that I created inspired by my surprise birthday present from my beady friend Onye Ndika. A special thanks to her for inspiring this bead and for sending me one of my favorite go-to pieces of jewelry!!! For more info on how fabulous Onye is, you should visit DesignsByOnye on Etsy or visit her Facebook page! Click on over and give her a like from me 👍

Now on to my inspired bead(s):

I really like the way the first one I made turned out- so of course I made a bunch of beads...

For the how its made part- I took pictures as I made one :)

These beads are made with a base tube of five sided Prismatic Right Angle Weave (PRAW5) with 4mm Czech glass beads. If you aren't familiar with PRAW5, it is made the same as CRAW (Cubic Right Angle Weave) with an extra row added. If you still need help there are tutorials on YouTube and online for how stitch PRAW5.

For the example bead I used four colors of seed beads, 3mm round beads and green 4mm Czech glass beads leftover from the Christmastime colored beads. The example bead is made with two units of PRAW5.

Pick up five 4mm Czech glass beads and connect them into a circle, passing through several times pulling the thread tightly.

Pick up three beads to start the first unit of PRAW5

Starting from the base, pick up two beads and make another side of the PRAW5 unit. 

Repeat picking up two beads for the next side.

Repeat again for the fourth side of the PRAW unit.

Pick up one bead and finish making the first PRAW unit.  Then pass through the five top beads and connecting them together, pulling tightly.

Side view of the first PRAW5 unit

Pick up three beads and create a loop over one of the top beads to start the next unit of PRAW

Repeat the steps from the first unit of PRAW to connect a second unit to the first. (for several of the beads I made three sections before continuing to embellish it- I only used two units in this one to save time)

Side view of the two units of PRAW

Add size 11 seed beads between the outside beads to have some base beads to embellish off of.

Weave through the Czech glass beads to get to the middle and repeat adding size 11 beads in between the beads of the base.

 Repeat for the last row of base beads. Exiting from an 11 added in this row.

View of the bead after the base and first set of 11's are in place

Pick up three beads: (an 11, a 3mm, and an 11) and pass through the 11 from the first embellishment (blue bead) on the opposite side of the gap between the 4mm Czech base beads.

Repeat zigging and zagging for all the gaps on this side of the bead
adding the last set of beads for this step

Pick up an 11 and pass through the 3mm bead from the bottom as pictured:
(this will help the 3mm bead lay in the middle of the gap and have seed beads on both sides, making it symmetrical)

 Pick up an 11 and pass through the empty 11 from the base row. (this will also make the bead lay in the middle of the gap and have seed beads on both sides, making it symmetrical)

Repeat by zig zagging and adding 11's all the way around the bead making sure to go "up" through the 3mm bead and not twisting it around by accident.


After adding all the 11's pass through the next 11 (pink bead) and a 3mm bead as pictured:

Pick up 3 11's (purple, green, purple) and pass from one 3mm bead to another, filling the gap between the 11's added in the last round (pink beads) of embellishment.

Repeat adding beads all the way around.

After adding the sets of three beads all the way around, pass through a 11 from the last round exiting from an 11 from the first round (blue bead), as pictured.

Repeat all embellishments on the other section(s) of the bead. Exiting from a middle bead added in the last step of embellishment.  (green bead)


 Pick up three beads (an 11, a 3mm, and another 11) and pass through the middle (green bead) on the opposite unit, making sure to pass through it in the opposite direction from the starting bead as pictured.

Pick up one 11 and pass back through the 3mm bead added in the last step.

Pick up an 11 and pass through the middle 11 that this part of the embellishment started from. This step will complete a "figure eight" where the 3mm bead is in the middle and there are two 11's are on either side of it.

Pass through the next four beads to get to the next middle bead (green bead)

Repeat the previous steps to add this layer of embellishment all the way around the bead.

Repeat the embellishment all the way around the bead, weave the extra thread into a spot that is hidden, tie off and trim 😁 Now the bead is finished! All of the beads I made this time are based off this same pattern with more or less units of PRAW.

Here is the beautiful inspiration beaded bead that Onye sent me for my birthday. At first glance I thought it was made from PRAW5 like mine, but after chatting with her and looking closely- her design is actually triangle woven. I haven't actually tried to make a triangle woven bead yet, but I am very happy with my PRAW interpretation!!! Thanks again to Onye! 💜

I can't believe there are only 2 beads to go! 

My remaining deadlines are:

12/15 & 12/29!

Thanks for reading and Happy Beading! -Beth

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