Thursday, September 29, 2016

Update Time!

Since there isn't a beaded bead today- I decided to blog about the beady things I have been up to besides (and including) making beads!  It has been a while since I have blogged about anything but my year long project. Here goes:

I had my first sale on Etsy! This is not my first online sale, just my first on Etsy. I left Artfire with 302 sales and 155 five star reviews to start over!!! Both scary and exciting! If you didn't know already: I can now be found on Etsy under the shop name BethClarkBeadArt.

If you haven't already visited my Etsy shop then you don't know that I have two new paid beaded bead tutorials- they are the Duocube beaded bead and Dodecarizo beaded bead tutorials.


I also have also been cleaning and organizing! Fall cleaning (if that is a thing).
I now have a bunch of Destash items listed in my Etsy shop. Bead strands and small Flat Rate Boxes stuffed full of beads! Possibly more if I get motivated to continue!

The other beady thing I have been up to is participating in Chloe Menage's #septemberjewellerychallenge on Instagram.  You can follow her @pinkhot_uk on Instagram and you can find her (PinkHotJewellery) on Facebook.

 Every day in the month of September I posted a picture of the beaded jewelry from my personal collection that I was wearing. A different thing everyday. I didn't wear jewelry everyday, but it is amazing that there is only one day left and I haven't run out!

You can follow me on Instagram @bethclarkbeadart to see all the posts I made this month....

Stay tuned for next Thursday's beaded bead!
As always- Thanks for reading and Happy Beading!


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