Monday, February 16, 2015

A love affair with NEON

I choose neon colors because I love them. Maybe its nostalgia for the 80's or my love of things that "glow" under a blacklight (90's nostalgia?) I love them. Bring on the NEON!


I also love it when something I love to work with is "in style." I don't strive for this, but when it happens it is so much fun! If you haven't read my "Advice for novice beaders" post I say "Don't buy what you think is popular, because everything is a trend" It should also say "when a trend is also something you love, and it doesn't happen very often, be happy to announce that you are not alone with the love of the trend!

To heed my own advice: I love neons, and I am not alone!!!

 CNN has an article about how neon is taking over in sports. If you watched the Superbowl you saw the green the Seahawks wear!

     Elle Magazine have neons (and bold color combinations) as as huge trend, even in formal wear!

One more:

Vogue has an entire collection of "Neon Lights" featuring "touches" of neon.

I hope neon stays around for many years and people get over the fear of such bright colors, I am not suggesting we all wear construction cone orange shirts, but a little neon is a good thing!

Here are a few more of my neon creations. Some of them can be purchased in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for reading! I hope my love of neon inspires somebody to embrace their love too!


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