Monday, January 26, 2015

The Dodecahedron

I love making beaded beads and three dimensional beaded things. I find the process of creating a 3d shape very satisfying. I have been constructing beaded things that I have made into earrings, pendants and a beautiful desk chotsky for my husband. Most have been based on the dodecahedron.  What is that you ask? Here is a little math lesson:

          The dodecahedron is a regular geometric solid (called a Platonic solid) that has 12 pentagons (five sided shape) as faces. It has 20 vertices (points) and 30 edges (lines between the pentagonal faces). Dodeca is a prefix meaning “twelve.” It is the only polyhedron that is composed entirely of pentagons.

It is amazing to me how many different variations beyond changing colors are possible when making a beaded dodecahedron. The beads at the vertices can be added after the basic construction as an embellishment, they can also be added during the construction and stitched together afterwards. They can also be made using two holed beads with embellishment added during or after construction. Dodecahedrons don't even have to be beads, they can be made by attaching 12 pentagons together to form a larger object.

Here is a little tour of my beaded things and a brief description of how they are made.
(At the bottom of this post are a few links on the basic construction of a beaded dodecahedron)

These basic dodecahedrons are made with 6mm gemstones, embellished (beads were added in the vertices after the basic construction) with seed beads.

24-IMG_8504.JPG          29-IMG_8524.JPG

These are made with rondelle beads and either rounds or drops used as embellishment.

This desk chotsky I created for my husband is made with Delica beads. It is made by attaching 12 stitched pentagons together to form a ball. It is a bit smaller than a baseball.

The dodecahedron beaded bead can also be made using two holed beads like twins or Superduos. 

So far my favorite variation of the dodecahedron has to be made with Rizo beads. Here are a few earrings made with Rizos. I call them "Rizo Explosion" earrings!

Many of the beaded pendants in this blog (and a few more) can be purchased in my Etsy shop.

The "Rizo Explosion" earrings can also be purchased in my Etsy shop.

If you are unfamiliar with the construction of these beaded balls and are interested in making your own there are many free tutorials on the dodecahedron beaded bead:

Cindy Holsclaw of has a free download of a dodecahedron using crystals:

Video by CutieCraftsChannel shows the basic dodecahedron construction

Video by Beadaholique that uses two needles:

Video by Potomac bead company on how to make beaded bead with Superduos:

Video by Beadaholique that uses two needles to make a beaded bead with twins:

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