Monday, September 22, 2014

Lacy Zipper Stitch

Lacy Zipper Stitch by Beth Clark

This tutorial is free online, if you would like an easily printable version you can download it here.
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On to the free online version:

The beads needed for this pattern are: 

Size 15/0 beads, two hole beads (I used black Superduos), and Miyuki 3.3x2.8mm drops.
 (You will need approximately 8 Superduos, per inch of stitch).


Start by picking up one Superduo and looping  around it several times until thread is secure.

Pick up a 15/0, a super duo, and another 15/0 and "picot" the edge of the Superduo. (Picture 1)
Picture 1
Picture 2

 Pick up two drop beads and "picot" the other side, exiting the first 15/0 you added. (Picture 2)

Continue through the bottom hole of the Superduo that is sticking up. (Picture 3)
(Picture 3, a few stitches in, but the same)

Repeat picoting both sides of each added Superduo, starting with the 15/0, SD,15/0 pattern first and the two drops second or "on the bottom" until you have a bit more than the length desired for your creation. 

Pictures 4, 5, and 6 are for reference.

On the last stitch of the desired length, skip the first set (15/SD/15) of picot and continue through the last Superduo. (Picture 7)
Picture 7
 Add the drops picot and continue back up through the Superduo. (Picture 8)
Picture 8

To secure this stitch, go back down through the Superduo and connect the outside Superduos to the outside drops by weaving through them, going through the 15/0's for the entire the length of the project. (Pictures 9, 10, & 11)

Picture 9

Picture 10
Picture 11 (the same as picture 10, just a few stitches farther)

When you have reached the end and have woven all the edge beads on the first side, turn around and repeat down the other side, through the drops then Superduo and 15/0. (Picture 12) *I found it easier to go through one drop at a time rather than the pair.

Picture 12
This stitch does work with other two holed beads in the place of the Superduos. 

The finished stitch is delicate looking but sturdy! Enjoy! Happy Beading

Please do not teach this tutorial to others without permission from Beth Clark.

Selling items made from this pattern is encouraged, 
but please give credit to the pattern designer.


  1. This is pretty, thank you for sharing.

  2. A really pretty stitch to use with a beaded pendant!!

  3. PS. I will share on my blog so others will visit here! (Will use only 1 image and link back)!

    1. Thank you! I am always glad to hear people like it enough to share! Happy Beading!

  4. Hey Beth, new subscriber. I saw your beautiful bracelet on Pearl's blog. So happy to have found you. Love this pattern. Patricia B