Thursday, August 10, 2017

2017 Thursday Bead Post #23: CRAW Continued

Life is finally back to "normal!" I feel like I lost the month of June with my battle beading and then lost July catching up on all the things I didn't do in June. This week I am going to continue blogging about CRAW. Besides making ropes, which is all I really blogged about last time, the best thing about CRAW is the ability to create shapes with it! For example: LOVE!

Early this year Marcia DeCoster started a blog called Bead Love and shared her design of these cute CRAW letters that spell LOVE. Now that we are eight months into the year there is so much more CRAW on her Bead Love blog as well as designs from her and many other bead artists. Click on over and check it out!

I turned my LOVE into magnets for the freezer.

Bead honesty- to make these letters magnets, I took a 2015 magnet calendar that our car insurance sent us and cut it up to fit the back. I glued the pieces with a common "tacky" glue and they have been hanging out ever since!

Next week I will talk about CRAW's cousin PRAW (prismatic Right Angle Weave)

I am not affiliated with, paid by, or endorsed by anyone. By posting about beading and/or beading products I am not claiming to be an expert, nor am I suggesting the way that I do anything or the products I use are the best/correct/only way. All opinions expressed here are mine, and aren't meant to be taken as anything more than an opinion or suggestion from some stranger on the internet 😀

Coming weeks: 

August 17th: PRAW

August 24th: Pondo Stitch

August 31st: Dutch Spiral

Thanks for reading & Happy Beading -Beth

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