Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017 Thursday Bead Post #22: CRAW!

Cubic Right Angle Weave (CRAW) used to be a stitch that I avoided, but after years of beading I have come to love it. It is actually one of my go-to stitches if I can't decide what to do and just want to bead! I did make an adorable rainbow striped section of CRAW that I was going to photograph as an example for this blog... I put the strip safely on the table next to me... Early Wednesday morning my cat tried to drink my sweet tea with his feet and knocked it all over the table. My beadwork was one of many victims to drown in sweet tea :( It seemed less important to save the little strip than to save the table, the floor, my husbands computer mouse, and the tv remote! It was not a wonderful way to start my day: a sticky tea covered table and cat!

Luckily I love CRAW so I had some pictures to make up for the tea meets cat incident. For this blog I added some of my favorite pieces made with CRAW. FYI- the ones that aren't in my personal collection are for sale in my Etsy Shop ;)



There have to be a million different tutorials on CRAW. I had no idea until I Googled:  As usual I have narrowed it down to two that are similar to the way that I do it *(see disclaimer). While out there on the web I saw several "ways to do CRAW" that I didn't know existed and wouldn't suggest! Here are the pair that I suggest:

When I planned for a year of blogging I didn't expect to enter or to be chosen to participate in The Battle of the Beadsmith but I did both! (if you have never heard of the battle- check it out directly from the BeadSmith at or in the Facebook Group: "Battle Of The Beadsmith: Official". I have never participated before and want to devote as much time as possible (and I think I am going to need it) to making an awesomely amazing battle piece. I will be suspending my planned weekly blog posts until Thursday August 10th! I may blog here or there, but it won't be weekly or planned- most likely about how I am crazy for attempting this :) 

If you decide to follow this years battle, I am in battle group B, battle #28 vsGrażyna Antoń from Poland. I am honored to have such an amazing battle partner! Her entry last year was gorgeous! It made it to round 7 of the battle and was amazing! If you visit the Facebook group and search for her name you will see that I have my work cut out for me!

I am not affiliated with, paid by, or endorsed by anyone. By posting about beading and/or beading products I am not claiming to be an expert, nor am I suggesting the way that I do anything or the products I use are the best/correct/only way. All opinions expressed here are mine, and aren't meant to be taken as anything more than an opinion or suggestion from some stranger on the internet 😀

Coming weeks: 

June 8th - August 3rd: Weekly blog hiatus for BOTB '17! 

I will be back to weekly blogging on August 10th with more CRAW!

Thanks for reading & Happy Beading -Beth