Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 Thursday Bead Post #10: Tubular Peyote & Cellini!

Totally Tubular- Peyote that is! This week I am going to cover more fun and amazingness of Peyote stitch but in its tubular form. Peyote stitch in tubular form is not difficult, just time consuming and very plain if you use only one size of bead. I like Tubular Peyote in the form of a Cellini Spiral. Most of the time the Cellini spiral is separated from tubular peyote and taught as its own stitch. I think of a Cellini Spiral as "Tubular Peyote with multiple sizes of beads" If you read my blog regularly, you know what fun the flat version of Peyote with multiple sizes is like. Here are a few of my Cellini spirals I have made in the past. 


Bead honesty: I didn't actually make anything for this weeks post- I had plans again, but life got in my way. I will have to make something for next week because I don't actually have any Herringbone ropes! 

There are a bunch of Tubular Peyote/Cellini Spiral instructions out there and here are just a few:

The most important thing I was ever taught about Tubular Peyote is that you have to remember to step up- and if you are doing a Cellini, you add a bead like the one you just exited. I don't know if that will help anyone else, but that was the ah-ha moment for me.

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Coming weeks: 

March 16th: More tubes! Herringbone -twisted and not

March 23rd: More tubes! Chenille stitch

March 30th: More tubes! Filled Netting

Thanks for reading & Happy Beading -Beth

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