Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Project: Last beaded bead!

This is the last bead of the year! I am really happy I chose beaded beads as my year long project. I have learned a bunch about the construction of beaded beads, and am convinced that if my 8th grade Geometry teacher had used beads that I would have done better than a C!

The last bead for this years project is an embellished dodecahedron made with honeycomb beads.

This bead is made the same way as beaded bead #4 from this years blog project. The difference is that it has added seed beads in between the two holed beads and it has a layer of embellishment using size 11's and 4mm Czech glass.

I started this bead by making a dodecahedron out of honeycomb beads with size 11 seeds in between them.

It was a little floppy before the embellishment.

Next I embellished the tops of the honeycomb beads by picking up three beads (an 11, a 4mm Czech bead, and another 11) weaving diagonally across the honeycomb bead through the 11's added in the base structure.

While weaving through, to change direction and add a bead on the other side of the 4mm to create an "X" over top of the honeycomb.
This is the same technique as the embellishment I did for beaded bead #24!

I am sure there is a more organized way to embellish the top of this bead, but I enjoy the puzzle solving of weaving around until the 4mm's have two beads on either side! 

I made a similar bead earlier this year in holiday red and green. The difference is the holiday colors actually has another layer of embellishment starting from the Czech 4mm's adding an 11 and a 3mm in the gaps! The holiday colored beaded bead is  currently for sale in my Etsy shop.


 Thanks for reading my blog and checking out my beaded beads this year! Stay tuned for my 2017 project!

Thanks for reading and Happy Beading! -Beth

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