Thursday, November 17, 2016

2016 Project: Beaded bead #23

There are only three more beads left to blog about this year! The next one I post about will be in the month of December!

 This time I made "Hexagonal pillows" beaded beads designed by Valerie Hector.  These beads are on page 53 of Bead & Button magazine December 2008.

This bead was fun and fairly easy to make- so I made three of them! The largest is made with 3mm glass beads- I love the way it looks like honeycomb. The small teal one is made with 11's, and the mid sized one is made with Chinese glass faceted rondelles about 2x3mm in size.

I was really happy with the way the ones I made turned out. I didn't really realize when I started that the actual beads are flatter and more hexagonal in shape than the pictures in the magazine show.

The pattern for these pillows can be found:

In the December 2008 issue of Bead and Button magazine - available from Kalmbach publishing for $5.99,

The pattern alone is available as a pdf from Kalmbach publishing for $3.95

In the book: Project: Earrings: 44 Designs Using Beads, Wire, Chain, and More by Kalmbach books (this link takes you to the Google books preview of this book- which happens to be the Hexagonal Pillow Earrings pattern)

The pattern is also in the book: Creative Beading Vol. 5: The Best Projects from a Year of Bead&Button Magazine by Kalmbach books (this link takes you to the Google books preview of this book- which has the Hexagonal Pillow Earrings pattern)

3 beads to go!

My remaining deadlines are:

 (3 left) 12/1, 12/15 and 12/29!

Thanks for reading and Happy Beading! -Beth

Thursday, November 3, 2016

2016 Project: Beaded bead #22

Bead #22- WOW! That means it is already November and there are only 4 beads left! This bead uses a combination of right angle weave (RAW) and peyote stitch to make a beautiful beaded bead/focal.

The how to:
I cannot find the pattern I used the first time I made a bead like this so I am going to generally show you how I made it!

In addition to my photos there are a few tutorials below that show all the techniques that I used to make this bead :)

Using 4mm Czech glass beads (purplish) and size 8's (greenish), I made a strip of RAW long enough to connect together over my 3/4 inch wood core bead- then peyoted around with a row of 8's and and a row of 11's (pink). I did this to both sides of the strip.

  I then added a row of RAW on the 11's that I peyoted in the row before. Again, I did this on both sides.

 I then added another Peyote row of 11's (greenish beads). (Both sides again)

I then Peyoted a row of 15's (blue). Both sides!

I didn't photograph every step like I should have, but this type of bead can be made in many ways. Instead of RAW it can be made in all Peyote, it can be embellished, and it can even be made with all RAW!

Here are links to others that have made this kind of beaded bead. All of the techniques I used to make mine (RAW & Peyote) are in these tutorials.
Searching for patterns for this kind of bead reminds me that part of the fun of being a beader is learning how to overcome the language gap :)  Thankfully pictures are our friends, even when Google translate isn't.

Beading4perfectionists has a youtube video that uses both RAW and Peyote with Crystals to make a beaded bead similar to mine.

Wild Raspberry has a tutorial for "The Bellone" -a beautiful RAW based beaded bead.

Maya from Hungary has a bead that uses RAW to make a beautiful bead with multiple size seed beads and embellishment.

Only 4 beads to go!

My remaining deadlines are:

Fall: (3 left) 11/17, 12/1, 12/15

The last bead will be "due" on 12/29!

Thanks for reading and Happy Beading! -Beth