Thursday, September 22, 2016

2016 Project: Beaded bead #19

This time the bead is the "Dewdrop" beaded bead designed by Cindy Holsclaw of Bead Origami. This bead is the last in Beadwork Magazine's 2012 beaded bead contest.
It is also the last bead of the summer (as I made it yesterday) and also my first bead of the fall. The colors I used are similar to the instructions and  it reminds me of Mardi Gras...

This bead is a clever use of drop beads and has a bit of a barrel shape to it.

You can find this pattern in Beadwork October/November 2012: The Digital-edition of this magazine is actually available!

You can also buy the pattern directly from Cindy on her webside BeadOrigami!
I did see that Cindy has a bonus bracelet pattern based on the beginning of this bead that is included with the beaded bead pattern...

Only 7 beads to go!

My remaining deadlines are:

Fall dates: (6 left) 10/6, 10/20, 11/3, 11/17, 12/1, 12/15

The last bead will be "due" on 12/29!

Thanks for reading and Happy Beading! -Beth

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