Thursday, December 17, 2015

Year long project: Final Bead!

Bead #25  (12/17) The last one!

This bead is the "2015" bead. I used DB 310 as the background and DB 42, DB1341, DB 608, and DB 147 for the numbers. It really is a cute bead!

To check out all the bead patterns in one place check out my post 2015 project bead patterns!

To read about the inspiration of this whole project check out  my post "Inspired by the Spice of Life"

On the 31st I will post a picture of the completed necklace and my "summary" of what it is like to have a year long project!

 Thanks for reading! Happy Beading! -Beth


  1. Beth is there a place I can sign up to receive your blog? I love your year long project and hope to make one for myself in 2016. I'm not a blogger myself but would love to be able to share my finished project with you.

    1. Thank you very much!!! I think you can "follow" my blog to get notifications of when I post! You are always welcome to email me! I would love to see what you make!