Monday, December 15, 2014

Advice for novice beaders.

Here is my advice for novice beaders, 

1. Practice, and practice some more! When you learn a new stitch- do it again and again. Don't make one, make three. This helps both your brain and body "learn" how to do something. This will help when you apply the stitch in another project later on.

2. Be patient: try not to get discouraged. It sometimes takes a while to have the "ah-ha" moment, like with practice, it may take a while for your brain and your body to get it! When in doubt, take a 5 minute break and come back to it.

3. Keep a beading diary. Write down, scribble, or draw about what you have learned and the pieces you have made. Keep a notebook, or a bunch of napkins shoved in a box- whatever is your style. This is something I wish I had done when I started beading, and try do now.

4. Take pictures of all of your work. Someday you will be glad you did.

5. Buy quality. When it comes to beads, particularly seed beads don't skimp on materials. Buy good beads. Don't be tempted to buy seed beads that are $1. I have never found good things to come from poor quality beads.

6. Buy beads you love. Make pieces you love. Don't buy what you think is popular, because everything is a trend.

7. Learn from your mistakes. Sometimes they are less of a mistake and more of a beginning to something new. Knowing certain color combinations don't work, or that certain beads don't fit together can be a time (and sanity) saver in the future. (see #3)

8. Learn from others, and give credit to them. I won't harp on this subject. Use your gut, ask yourself if this was your idea, pattern, or tutorial would you want credit for it? If you reverse-engineer something you have seen, or were inspired by something you saw on Pinterest or even a bead magazine, give some credit for your inspiration. It is not difficult and it gives you and them the warm fuzzies :)

9. If you don't know if it will work -try it. Always try it. Sometimes your best inspiration comes because those beads happen to be sitting on your mat waiting for something. Not only does this give you knowledge of what works, but even better, it gives you knowledge of what doesn't work. (see #7)

10. If you have a question, either about a tutorial you have purchased, or a general beading question, don't ever be afraid to ask. Everyone has asked at some point! There are no stupid bead questions, but there are a bunch of opinions, so be prepared.

11.  Don't feel ashamed about self promotion. Wear your creations proudly everywhere you go. This is a part of you, whether your hobby, interest, or career. Don't you think Coco Chanel wore Chanel?!

12. Have fun, or find your Zen with the beads. If you aren't doing this, then why are you doing this?

Hope you enjoyed my advice, take what you want and leave what you don't.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Beading


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